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Hi International Students and welcome to the University of Surrey Christian Union!
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The Christian Union work alongside Friends International welcomeing non-UK students, researchers and university workers from any background or belief across the UK. Click on the logo to go to their website and learn more!

International Experiences

My name is Maria and I am from Cyprus. Coming to Surrey, I wanted to join as many clubs and societies as possible to meet new people and make connections. The Christian Union was the first society I have joined, and it was a great start to my first year. Through the CU, I got to meet many amazing people and make amazing friends. I got, of course, the opportunity to appreciate God and His word a lot more, through Unite, small groups and other events the society organises. The CU helped me meet other international students and be more sociable and feel at home. I would encourage other international students to join as it is a great way to make friends and socialise and, of course, get closer to God and learn and respond to the gospel.
Hello! My name is Radost! I am a second-year International Hospitality and Tourism Management student. My home country is Bulgaria but I have been to the UK several times. So far, CU has been really important to me during my time at university. I have felt the welcoming and friendly attitude from the people at CU which made me feel accepted. I am so glad I had the chance to meet these amazing people and make new friendships. But, most importantly, the love for Jesus is what brings us all together as one. So, if you are interested and want to learn more, why not come along and experience it yourself!
¡Hola! My name is Joel and I am a final year International Business Management student from Córdoba, Spain. I love music, reading and meeting people from all over the world. The CU has been such a massive part of my time at Surrey. I’ve made friends with many people, enjoyed incredible experiences and have even met my housemates here. If you are planning on coming to Surrey, please get in touch. I’d love to get to know you!
Hello! My name is Fabienne and it’s lovely to ‘meet’ you! I’m a third-year adult nursing student and am loving it so far! I’m from Surrey originally so didn’t travel far for Uni but I do love traveling and learning about different cultures – I would love to hear about where you’re from! CU has been the highlight throughout my Uni experience and has definitely helped me grow my faith whilst building life-long friendships - it’s the best! I would highly recommend coming along and getting stuck-in to start building your own memories and friendships! I can’t wait to meet you all!